The ultimate sex toy for women

Published : 05/8/2018 06:52:25
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The ultimate sex toy for women

There are dildos and vibrators, each giving satisfaction when needed. But the range of Womanizer sex toys offers women extremely intense orgasms on-demand and anywhere they please. The Womanizer’s innovative technology stimulates the clitoris with a combination of mild suction and pulsating pressure waves. There are 3 models to choose from, each one appropriate for different circumstances but all still offering body-shaking pleasure.

The ultimate sex toy for women

Womanizer 2GO

The quiet and “lite” Womanizer 2GO looks just like a tube of lipstick. This will make it convenient for travelling purposes. You will be able to make use of it in the car, hotel or bathroom! There is a slanted, pink silicone stimulation head underneath the removable lid, which offers a world of joy.

The head pleasures the clitoris with sucking and intensely stimulating air-pressure waves. The airwaves stimulate the clitoris with gentle but deep penetrating vibrations, or rather oscillations. There are also 6 intensity levels that can be adjusted at the push of a button. The result? You’re shivering and shaking on your knees, wondering what just happened to you.


Womanizer Pro40

The Womanizer Pro40 is an entry-level version of the Womanizer for those who are more budget-minded but still want intense stimulation. It is more streamlined to give women the pleasure of a Womanizer without the added glam and glitter. It’s a no-nonsense make-me-scream machine. The intensity of the pressure waves can also be increased, by 8 levels, giving you a sensory journey into ecstasy.

For nights alone at home, this is a well-suited pleasure machine for the discerning women with a budget. The Pro40 is an awesome companion for ladies with needs.


Womanizer PRO 500

The Womanizer PRO 500 basically turned the sex toy industry upside down with its ground-breaking technology and beautiful design. This “Deluxe Version" includes features such as a compact and ergonomic design, a near silent air pressure pump and real Swarovski elements! The intensity of the pressure waves can be increased by 8 levels with the beautiful Swarovski button.

This guaranteed orgasm toy can be best described as unique, erotic and sophisticated. Just like the other versions, this one will bring you to your knees. It simply has the added touch of luxury that would be ideal for home use, while spread out on the sheets.


Where does the magic come from?

The magic of the Womanizer is the pressure waves. They can be felt without direct contact and therefore the clit is gently but intensely stimulated without being over stimulated. This makes the Womanizer sex toys stimulating in a way that goes beyond pleasure. It's pure satisfaction.

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