Taking Care of Your Sexual Wellbeing

Along with great, exciting and fun sex comes a bit of responsibility as well such as cleaning agents for sex toys, personal lubricants, the how to’s, the do’s and the don’ts and simply getting to know yourself better sexually.

The only way to know what you like, is to experiment until you find what tickles your fancy like nothing else. The next step would be to find someone who can indulge in pleasure with you time and time again (or find multiple people who can do that).

Of course there is nothing wrong with doing some research to help boost the process towards finding your perfect type of intimacy. After all, we all long for that unforgettable orgasm that will make our toes curl, lungs out of breath and body left exhausted yet pleased. Sometimes a little help from other people might just be exactly what you need to figure it all out.

sexual wellbeing

This is what we like to refer to as Sexual Wellbeing - making sure that your sex life is at its best at any given time, no matter what the circumstances. No one has time for boring sex, am I right? Sex should be fun, naughty, dirty, sweaty and super intimate - no matter if you are in an emotional relationship or not.

We have created the Sexual Wellbeing Blog category to give you the lowdown on all these smaller, yet important details to add to your pleasurable moments. This involves anything from masturbation tips for men all the way to finding out what size suits you - both in men and in sex toys, because at the end of the day, we all know that size actually does matter. The Passionfruit blog is here to guide you through your sexual journey and keep you up to date with all the hot topics going around - happy reading and happy playing, readers!

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