LELO sex toys mix luxury with pleasure

Published : 06/24/2018 21:40:39
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LELO sex toys

The LELO brand has received over 30 awards for designing sex toys that don’t only make you feel special, they are special. From gold plated vibrators to beautifully crafted couple sex toys, these are the most luxurious pleasure tools on the planet.

Having started in 2003 in Sweden, the creators of LELO set out to answer one question - what if our most intimate items were made as beautiful as the ones we displayed with the most pride? Since then LELO has established itself as a sex toy brand that offers exceptional quality, continual innovation and being entirely different from everything and everyone else.

Their innovation has led to incredible advancements in how we experience pleasure. This allows customers to enjoy sensations that they didn’t even know were possible. The LELO range is particularly suitable for customers who enjoy unmatched quality and innovation. Couples will also delight in the toys that give partners an enhanced sexual experience. The attention to detail and quality begins with opening a LELO box - the luxurious and decadent finishes make it a moment of pleasure in itself.

Here are some of the best selling LELO sex toys on the market:


This toy has a signature curved and flattened tip making it perfect for exploring the G-spot. It can help assist you during those solo times when a mediocre experience won’t do.  The GIGI 2 targets your G-spot when inserted, and by tilting the handle you can apply direct pressure or thrust. It’s also 100% waterproof, meaning you can take this little satisfaction machine with you to the bath or shower.



SONA takes clitoral stimulation to another, innovative level by being a sonic massager. To bring on those orgasms, it doesn’t use regular vibrations like other sex toys. It uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris, all the way through. With the SONA, the pleasure gets so intense you may need to keep your eyes closes. Fortunately, the interface’s buttons are easy to use even when you can’t see them!



This is the third upgrade to this range, which has been designed for couples wanting more intense times in the bedroom. This version provides more powerful vibrations for more powerful orgasms. It targets the clitoris, while the smooth silicone design gives ultimate pleasure and comfort. Using the SenseMotion remote to control the 8 different vibration modes will make for many exhilarating nights.

LELO sex toys premium sex toys

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