Barcode Berlin - Jockstrap Anton - Red

Barcode Berlin Jock Anton features an original jockstrap cut with a corduroy-like pouch, large waist band and large back bands. Small price. It's pouch fitting gives you maximum comfort and support. Truly an eye-catcher for any occasion.

Straight from the heart of Germany, Barcode Berlin strives to attract customers with German design and product quality, which is ensured by exclusively utilizing premium and pre-washed materials. Designed and produced in Europe, their range of athletic fetish wear including a line of jockstraps maintain the spirit of Berlin: it's sexy, it's open, it's independent.

• Made of 65% polyester, 15% cotton, 15% rubber and 5% elastane.

Please Note: Clothing items can not be returned for refund due to wrong size.

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R 499.95 tax excl.

R 574.94   tax incl.

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